La Mer releases origin story as a holiday short film

“Sometimes the greatest secrets in the world are hidden just beneath the surface. One need only have the curiosity to find them, the courage to see them and the persistence to not give up along the way.”

Most of you guys already know the origin of La Mer and how the cream came about, but La Mer is stepping it up this year with a short film that is perfectly fitting for the holiday. With an inspiring message and gorgeous animation, this is a great way to introduce the same story in a brand new way.

What do you think of this short film? Let’s go out and grab a tub of La Mer and celebrate the holidays!





Amore Pacific MOISTURE BOUND Mist Review


Photo taken from Amore Pacific Official Site

From their site:

MOISTURE BOUND Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System

An oil-free facial mist to dramatically improve treatment absorption and provide instant and long-term hydration.

My thoughts:

I really enjoy the versatility of a facial mist. Sometimes when I’m too lazy to use a toner, I would just spray on a facial mist before running out the door. The issue I have with most facial mists is that often times they are too fragrant, especially the rose water ones. If you are wearing perfume, it can be overwhelming with competing scents.

This mist is very lightly scented and it smells very clean and fresh. I’ve accidentally sprayed this into my eyes many times and it never stings, that’s how gentle this mist is.

It’s a great pick me up through out the day and especially if you’re always traveling, this would be a great item to have with you to make sure your skin doesn’t become dehydrated from flying. It’s a 2.7 oz bottle, which technically you can bring onto the plane, but I do find this too bulky to bring as a carry on when you have other mist options that are in much smaller bottles, such as the one from La Mer or even Evian.

Bottom line….. I say it’s a good item to invest in. I use it almost every day after I wash my fresh at the gym. If you already have a toner that you love, then maybe you don’t need this extra item. This will not replace a toner by the way, so if you had to choose between buying a toner and a facial mist, invest in a toner!


Rose de Mai Cream – Chantecaille Review

rose creamFrom their site:

The exquisite Rose de Mai imbues its rare and delicate scent to this very modern and moisturizing cream. An intelligent formula protects, repairs and detoxifies the skin leaving it radiant and clear while new technologies help the body utilize its own resources by teaching it to draw energy and moisture from within.

  • Rose de Mai Essence extracted from one of the world’s rarest roses, Rose de Mai essence infuses the formula with a uniquely uplifting aroma. Rich in vitamin C, it also possesses powerful anti-aging properties
  • Dolicos (Sweet Pea Stem Cells) protects the cell and DNA from damage created by UV, pollution and stress; reenergizes the essence of the cell by boosting its energy
  • Pre and Pro Biotic Complex protect the immune system of the skin, stimulates the skin’s primary defense barrier and helps prevent harmful bacteria from entering
  • Wild Pansy Extract acts as a dual action hydration regulator, increases skin’s internal water regulation
  • Niacinamide helps stimulate collagen synthesis, strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and inhibits the production of melanin

My take:

I have heard nothing but great things about this cream, especially from all my Asian friends– they swore by this cream. Needless to say my expectations were extremely high. Did it meet my expectations? NOT AT ALL.

The texture is much lighter and watery than I expected for a “cream”. It has more of a lotion texture instead. It smells like fresh cut roses, not the synthetic rose smell you get from most rose scented products. I used this consistently for about a month and I’ve noticed nothing different. If anything, it makes my face look shiny and greasy. This is going on my list of products you put on at night only when you’re by yourself because you will look like you just dipped your face in grease. I Facetimed a friend of mine when I had this on my face and he actually said to me “what happened to your face? You’re so shiny.”

I went back to my trusty La Mer after using this for awhile and literally someone asked me if I had a facial because I looked “well-rested” and younger. So there you go. Definitely not going to buy this again!

Have you used this before? Comment and let me know your experience.

Grade: C

Rose de Mai Cream is currently $210 as of 8/2015

sketch London- Afternoon Tea

sketch - Afternoon Tea

Into the Woods Afternoon Tea

sketch has teamed up with Disney’s musical masterpiece Into the Woods, to create a limited edition run of its Afternoon Tea…

Available from Monday 18th May – Sunday 7th June.

The inspired menu has re-created some of the classic afternoon tea elements and given them a fantasy, fairytale makeover – with items fit for any basket to take to grandma’s house.

Included in the re-vamped tea is Little Red Riding Hood’s Choux, Jack’s Beanstalk Tart and a Prince Charming Green ‘Sand-Witch’, all complemented by the Baker and His Wife’s selection of sketch pastries.

In a room refined by a curious mind, a touch of humour… It’s a work of art, a striking backdrop… It’s David Shrigley’s Gallery…

For more info, go here!–  sketch – Afternoon Tea.

Duck & Waffle London

duck andIn an effort to cover more than just skincare, I want to share one of my favorite restaurants in London with you all- Duck & Waffle.

Duck & Waffle is located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in London and as you may have guessed from its name, they do serve Duck and Waffles! They serve British and European cuisine 24/7 in a modern, 40th-floor space with floor-to-ceiling windows and an open kitchen. The view is one of my favorites in the city, because it gives you a different view of the city than your normal tourist vantage points. Make sure to get your camera out for the elevator ride all the way up to the restaurant. Words cannot describe this breathtaking experience. You have to be there to experience it!

As much as I love London, the food in London is sub par, which is another reason why I love Duck & Waffle. The food is absolutely amazing! I always get the Duck and Waffle, which they have it listed under “Share Plates” or something for some reason, but I have to tell you, it is definitely not a sharable dish! The place is also open 24/7, so for those that are craving some delicious bites after a night of drinking, this is the place to be.

The service is outstanding. I’ve never had a bad experience here and I always bring my friends from the US here and often times it becomes their favorite restaurant during their trip. The crowd is a mixed of locals and tourists, but none of those fanny pack wearing tourists. If you are ever in London, this is a must!

I read they are opening a location in NY…. i hope they open one in Los Angeles in the future!

This is the view of the restaurant

This is the view of the restaurant

Check out their website-

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum Review

Get your wallets out! It's the Best of 2012 from yours truly!Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! I’ve been so busy in real life, but i’m back!

I’ve highlighted this product before in the past stating that I liked it, but after testing out the full product for an extended amount of time, I feel the need to retract my previous comment about liking it.

First off, it has the worst packaging– It is a dropper with a top heavy bottle, which means every time you open it, you’re at risk of knocking over the bottle. To make it worst, it has a bulb at the end of the dropper, which makes it even easier to knock the bottle over. Guerlain changed their Abeille Royale serum to a pump because of the same reason, which I’m sure YSL will soon to follow after all the complaints.

The serum itself is so sticky on the face and the applicator dropper is so poorly made that you end up with 50 times more products than you need for your face. I haven’t really noticed a noticeable difference to my skin. It also has a very perfumey scent to it as well.

I am not a big of a fan of the packaging for the entire line. It looks kind of tacky and sticks out like a sore thumb, but not in a good way…. or is it just me?

Have you tried it before? if so, comment below!

ReVive Soft Polishing Exfoliating Cream Cleanse $75 Review

wegwFrom their site:

Powered by Jojoba Beads, this multi-action RéVive exfoliating cream cleanser retexturizes skin, reducing imperfections and restoring clarity.

The gentle formula deeply cleanses congested pores and energizes skin, leaving it with a polished, healthy glow.

• Multi-action cleanser thoroughly cleanses and gently exfoliates to instantly renew, retexturize and smooth the look and feel of skin.
• Polishes skin’s surface to reduce the look of imperfections, improve tone and texture and reveal soft, supple, healthy-looking skin.
• Removes excess oil, impurities and makeup while maintaining skin’s delicate moisture balance.
• Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles while replenishing skin’s moisture.

My take:
I’ve never really paid much attention to cleansers until I experienced EVE LOM’s cleansing balm and that’s when I realized what a difference a cleanser can make to your face. A lot of people have asked me to review products from ReVive, but I’ve never really given it much attention until recently.
I got a few products from ReVive, I will hold off from reviewing the other ones until I’ve used them long enough to write a review. I’ve been using this cleanser for almost a month now on a daily basis. It is a cream cleanser with very soft exfoliating beads. I was so excited the first time using this thinking finally I found an exfoliating cleanser that I can use on a daily basis that won’t dry out my skin, but after a week of using this, my excitement diminished. Honestly, it doesn’t clean the face that well.
When you’re using it on the face, you feel the exfoliating beads on your skin, but for some reason it doesn’t really remove excess oil or dirt off the face. I don’t really think it really exfoliates the face that well either. I switched to my other cleansers for a few days to see if it makes a difference and it did. My skin felt cleaner and absorbed products better once I got off this cleanser. The best way to describe it is that it feels like Fresh’s Soy Cleanser in a creamier texture with soft exfoliating beads. It’s an okay cleanser to use in the morning, but I wouldn’t use it at night or when you’re trying to wash off a dirty face, because it doesn’t clean the face that well.
As for all the line reducing and restoring clarity claims, I saw none of that. I would recommend this for sensitive skin people that are looking for an exfoliating cleanser that won’t irritate the skin. For the rest of us, try it before you buy it!

What’s in a toner and does it matter?

photo(28)I get asked this question all the time if it actually matters and I always say yes. Depending on where you live, the water you use to wash your face has minerals in them that can throw off the pH level of your skin and toners help to bring it back to a neural level. pH levels are an indication of the acidity level of your skin and are measured on a scale of 0 to 14, with 7 being the most neutral level. Having a balanced pH level means your skin is less prone to oiliness and infection, creating a more vibrant and smoother appearance.

I have about 4 different toners in my bathroom, but I stick to SKII Facial Treatment Essence and La Mer’s Treatment Lotion as my toners. Some brands call their toners “lotions”, which can make it confusing to some people. One time a sales associates even told me “oh it’s a new type of lotion, it’s just in a liquid form!” …. um no, you’re seriously mistaken.

La Mer’s Treatment Lotion is actually thicker, but not to a point where it can replace a serum. The popularity of SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence sparked a new trend of coming out with a product that blurts the line of a toner and a serum, but it is to be used as a toner. Fresh came out with one under their Black Tea line as well.

Some sales rep will say to use a toner, the treatment lotion/toner, serum, and then your moisturizer. I’ve done that before, but I think the treatment lotion/toner can replace a regular toner completely.

I’ve tried go without a toner/treatment toner/lotion completely for awhile just to see if it makes a difference and my skin definitely took a hit during that time. The toner preps your skin to absorb your products better and have multiple benefits depending on the toner you use (a cucumber one can be refreshing, a royal jelly one can be hydrating..etc).

Bottom line, look for a toner that fits your skin type. They don’t have to be expensive, but do look for one that makes your skin feel nice and supple after you wash your face.



As many of my readers know I’m a fan of Guerlain’s Abeille Royale line. It smells divine and works well as an anti-aging defense.

They have added an 1-month treatment to this ever growing line (still waiting on that body cream!). Abeille Royale 1-Month Youth Treatment is enriched with the Guerlain’s precious Royal Jelly Concentrate that contains nutrients like fatty acids, essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The Royal Jelly Concentrate is contained in a black honeycomb-like packaging in its purest form so that you get the best of its effectiveness. Prior to your first use, pour the pure Royal Jelly Concentrate into the activating cream and mix with the spatula provided.

I am an advocate of Royal Jelly as an anti-aging ingredient and I’ve had decent success with this line so I do believe this is worth a try.  It is priced at $250 currently (subject to change). It’s a bit expensive for a cream that you’re only going to use for a month. As much as I love this line of products, I don’t believe I would want to spend my own money on it. With that price, you can almost buy something from La Mer or Natura Bisse, but hey, it’s a great gift for someone to get for you!

I am still crossing my fingers hoping they will release a body cream in this scent!!

Have you tried this product? If so, I want to hear from you!